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Ryne Tobin

With unwavering dedication to his clients, Ryne Tobin is an experienced broker who brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the industry. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Law Enforcement Justice Administration from Western Illinois University and holds two Master’s Degrees in Public Safety Administration and Jurisprudence. As a sergeant with the Chicago Police Department, Ryne’s Dream Town clients benefit from his deep understanding of the city’s diverse neighborhoods. During his 4-year tenure as a training officer, he sharpened his excellent communication skills and honed his ability to engage with a wide range of individuals. As a broker, Ryne attentively shares his extensive real estate knowledge—educating and empowering his clients to make informed decisions at each step of their transaction.

Ryne’s passion for real estate is rooted in his own personal experience as a landlord and owner of income property. His hands-on experience in construction and property repair brings a practical dimension to his expertise. Well-versed in landlord/tenant laws and knowledgeable about increasing and maintaining property values, Ryne has become a trusted advisor for clients seeking to expand their own investment portfolios. He recognizes the pivotal role of real estate ownership in building financial stability and creating generational wealth, and he derives great satisfaction in assisting others on this journey.

First-time home buyers, sellers and investors alike appreciate Ryne’s fierce advocacy on their behalf and his sharp negotiating skills. With his strategic and client-centric approach, he skillfully navigates even the most complex real estate transaction, ensuring favorable outcomes for his sellers and buyers. Always abreast of current real estate trends, Ryne is able to provide clients with up-to-date insights and prudent advice as he guides them through each step of their transaction.

Outside of his professional life, Ryne and his wife are actively immersed in Chicago’s rich cultural tapestry. They share a passion for culinary exploration and love exploring the city’s dynamic craft brewery scene; Ryne himself is a skilled at-home beer brewer. Beyond these urban adventures, they find delight in Chicago’s cultural offerings, attending concerts and going to street festivals in the summertime. Nature enthusiasts at heart, Ryne and his wife also take advantage of the region’s manhy forest preserves, parks and green spaces.

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